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About us

Today, Sweet Tinajita has 3 manufacturing plants fully automated which controls all manufacturing processes, with the highest quality standards worldwide, ranging from the injection and blow molding plastic mold until filling and packaging each of our products.

Besides having a large portfolio of domestic and foreign customers, Sweet Tinajita also has a distribution network with which the whole country and much of Central America is covered, offering all our clients a direct and personalized attention, which in characterized the company over the years.


our values ​​in Tinajita are very important to our company

Human development
Respect for the Individual
Pursuit of Excellence



Develop high quality and innovation that create smiles to our customers and value to our distributors.



Being the leader in the development of new products, maintaining a close relationship with our human resources, customers and consumers.


Privacy policy

Meeting the needs of our customers through a process of continuous improvement and development of our human resources.


Dulces Tinajita was founded in 1976 by Mr. Clemente Lopez and family in the region of Los Altos de Jalisco, where the first plant for manufacturing process and tamarind pulp is installed.

The company takes its name and logo thanks to the launch of the famous 'mud saucepan with tamarind' which quickly placed in the Mexican popular taste and a bestseller, making the product a classic of Dulce, which endures until today.

With over 35 years of experience in the field of confectionery and dedicated to the development, manufacturing, distribution, purchase and sale, export and import maquila all kinds of confectionery, sweets Tinajita today constitutes one of the companies Sweets nationally most established.

Being the precursor of tamarind candy manufacturing scale, Sweet Tinajita continues to expand their product lines and diversifying into the manufacture of liquid candy, lollipops, hard candy, pussy, and dextrose among others, as well as developing new products and markets , always looking to meet the most exacting standards of the national and international market.